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CSA Travel Protection is committed to providing prompt, fair and equitable claims service. You may file your claim online or download the form(s) you need below and submit your documents to our claims group.

Download a Claim Form

The forms on this page are only for CSA Travel Protection claims. If you have a Generali Global Assistance travel insurance plan, file your claim at our new website.

Forms with similar reasons are grouped together. Download the form(s) you need using the links below. We have included instructions as well as additional forms you might need with each claim form. Once you have completed the form(s), include any required documentation to support your claim and send to us via email or fax for faster processing. Claims documents can also be sent in through regular mail.

Don't see your question here? Give our Claims Department a toll-free call at (800) 541-3522.

Claims need to be submitted within one year after a covered loss, but should be submitted as soon as possible.

We can accept emails up to 10 MB. If your attachment is larger than 10 MB, you can send multiple emails, or send by fax or mail.

We require proof as we are providing a benefit and we need to be sure that we are providing that benefit in a fair and equitable manner. Proof of payment provides us with proof of what was paid, when payment was made, and who was paid, supporting that there has been an economic loss.

Yes, since the reason for cancellation/interruption was the sick/injured person, we need to have a physician’s statement and/or medical records. We will also need a signed Patient Authorization from the person whose sickness or injury caused the claim.

Description/name of supplier refers to the company from which you purchased goods or services, for example the cruise line, hotel name, tour operator, travel agent, Expedia, etc.

If we have not received the requested documentation from you within the stated time, your file could be closed. However, upon receipt of the requested documentation, we will reopen your claim for further processing.

With Zelle®, our partner in providing ePayments, you may receive claim payment directly to your bank account without providing any account information—just your phone number or email address. Zelle payments are easy, fast and safe. To receive an ePayment, we must have a valid email or phone number on file for you and you must have a U.S. bank account. You don’t need to use eClaims to receive ePayment.

Otherwise, please allow 7-10 business days for delivery of your check via mail.

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FAQs for Tropical Storms & Hurricanes

If you purchased your policy from Justfly, submit your claim here.

If you purchased your policy from Flighthub, submit your claim here.

Vacation Rental Damage

Medical Expenses

Recreational Vehicle Damage

Accidental Death

Submit Your Claim Form

Submit your form(s) and documentation to CSA. For fastest processing, please email or fax completed form(s) and required documentation.

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