Claims FAQ Document

How do I submit my claim? (Back to Top)

For faster claims processing, you can download claims forms from our site,, then submit your claim through email to or by fax to (877) 300-8670.

When can I expect to hear from someone? (Back to Top)

Once your claim has been received, you will be notified that you have been assigned a claim representative. If your claim representative has questions or requires further information, they will contact you. On average, claims are completed with 2 weeks once all paperwork is received.

How much time do I have to submit a claim? (Back to Top)

Claims need to be submitted within 90 days after a covered loss.

What size of email attachment can I send? (Back to Top)

We can accept emails up to 10 MB.

Why do you need proof of payment? (Back to Top)

We require proof as we are providing a benefit and we need to be sure that we are providing that benefit in a fair and equitable manner. Proof of payment or a physicians note confirming and injury or illness provides us with proof that there has been an economic loss.

What do I send for proof of age? (Back to Top)

When submitting proof of age, we only need proof of the oldest person in the group. We can accept a copy of any form of government picture identification (passport, drivers license, military ID, state issued ID card).

The person who is sick/injured isn’t traveling. Do I still need to provide medical information? (Back to Top)

Yes, since the reason for cancellation/interruption was the sick/injured person, we need to have a physician’s statement and/or records. We will also need a signed Patient Authorization from the person whose sickness or injury caused the claim.

What is meant by description/name of supplier on Section 3 of the Claim Form? (Back to Top)

Description/name of supplier refers to the company from which you purchased goods or services, for example the hotel name, tour operator, travel agent, Expedia, etc.

I don’t have my original unused tickets. What do I send? (Back to Top)

You may send a copy of the air itinerary, boarding passes, or any other similar documentation you may have.

I have something from my travel agent showing what I paid. Can I send that for proof of payment? (Back to Top)

We will need a credit card statement or cancelled check to prove payment was made. Unfortunately, we cannot accept an invoice from your travel agent.

I received a letter stating my claim will close in 30 days? (Back to Top)

If we required additional information from you and have not heard from you in some time, it is possible your claim will be placed in inactive status. We are happy to reopen your claim at any time at your request.